Meet the Celtics: Healthy Club Officer Tom Lacey

In our interview series we take the time to get to know our players and members. In this interview, Tom Lacey talks about his journey to Germany, how he became Healthy Club Officer and his own personal experiences with mental health issues.

A New Year’s Resolution – Looking back and forward in time

2020 has been an unprecedented year for everyone. A year where we learned, that we should not take the little things for granted. Some thoughts by Marnix van der Galien.

Christmas 2020 – how we can escape the Coronablues

2020 is different. This year has been challenging for all of us. 2020 has demanded a lot from us, more or less. The same is true now for Christmas, for most of us a family holiday where we are close, reuniting with our families and friends. This year, one thing is especially demanding: social distancing.

#Little Things

Die LittleThings-Kampagne konzentriert sich auf die kleinen Dinge, die wir alle tun können, um unsere eigene psychische Gesundheit zu schützen und die Menschen, die uns wichtig sind, zu unterstützen.
The LittleThings campaign focuses on the little things that we can all do to protect our own mental health and support the people we care about.

GAA Mental Health Charter

Die Charta für psychische Gesundheit der GAA ist ein Grundsatzdokument, das den Clubs hilft, eine Kultur zu entwickeln, die positive psychische Gesundheit unterstützt und fördert.
The GAA’s Mental Health charter is a policy document that helps clubs develop a culture that supports and promotes positive mental health.

Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing

Die von der New Economics Foundation entwickelten „Fünf Wege zum Wohlbefinden“ sind einfache Aktionen, die du in deinem Alltag durchführen kannst, um dich wohl zu fühlen und gut zu funktionieren.
Developed by The New Economics Foundation the Five Ways to Wellbeing are simple actions you can do in your everyday life to feel good and function well.

Play in my boots

„Play in My Boots“ wurde 2014 von der St. Patrick’s Mental Health Foundation und der GAA als Ressource für psychische Gesundheit von Spielern, Trainern, Vereinen und Gemeinden gegründet.
„Play in My Boots“ was founded in 2014 by St. Patrick’s Mental Health Foundation and the GAA as a mental health resource for players, coaches, clubs and communities.