Cologne Celtics GAA: Club Values and Code of Conduct

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Our members come from many continents, countries, counties and parishes. Some of us prefer the hurling and camogie, more of us the football and there’s likely a few here mostly for the off-field activities.

Regardless of ability or experience with our games, we are committed to a number of core values. We are inspired by the GAA’s emphasis on place and community and its long history of voluntarism, mutual aid and community support on and off the field.

And our place is Cologne: a city characterised by a proud tradition of diversity and tolerance, with a soft spot for all forms of revelry. Cologne Celtics members adhere to and promote these values.

  • We oppose any form of racism, sectarianism and xenophobia
  • We oppose homophobia, sexism and any form of gender based discrimination
  • We strive to promote the club and our sports
  • We commit to creating a welcoming and fun environment for club members
  • We commit to being respectful to one another when sharing our views and discussing club matters, especially when we are in healthy disagreement

    On the field:
  • We commit to always giving our best regardless of our ability or experience
  • We commit to always encourage and support less experienced players
  • We commit to always respecting referees and officials
  • We commit to always playing hard but fair, and to respecting for our opponents

For more information see GAA Mission, Vision and Values, and the GAA’s anti-racism campaign Where we all Belong

Kölle Abú!

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