German Camogie & Hurling Cups 2022 in Cologne: Saturday, 24th September

There are now less than two weeks to go until the 2022 editions of the Chris Hennessy (Hurling) and Sebastian Rießbeck (Camogie) Cup Tournaments will take place in Cologne. With teams and players from around Germany descending on Bezirkssportanlange Chorweiler (Merianstraße 6, 50769 Köln), we expect an absolute feast of competitive hurling and camogie.

Here is the pitch:

The event is free to attend, and we welcome everyone who has an interest in our club and in Gaelic Sports around the Rhineland (and further afield) to come and watch. The first match will start at approximately 10:30am and continue until around 5:10pm.

The schedules can be viewed here: German Cup – Schedule and Plan.

For those driving, there are parking options available at Bezirkssportanlage Chorweiler. In contrast, the best public transport option for those coming from Cologne Centre is the UBahn to Köln-Chorweiler from Köln Hbf.

At the Celtics, we have been training hard. Since the summer slowdown, we have ramped up the intensity of our sessions, thanks in particular, to Cathal and Jan for playing a vital role in our preparations.

It will be a tough ask to defend our trophies (see: „German Camogie and Hurling Cups 2021: Tournament Report„), but we are looking forward to the challenge. Since this success, we have welcomed many new players and members, and we expect that this tournament will be a chance for all our players to gain valuable experience in the white heat of battle.

At the tournament, we will also welcome guests from the Irish Embassy and TG4 (the Irish-language TV station). TG4 is currently filming a documentary about Gaelic Games in Europe, and we are delighted to say that footage from the German Cup will feature in it! A big „go raibh míle maith agat“ to Cian Desmond for contacting us regarding this collaboration.

For those attending the games, beverages (cold and hot) and food will be available on-site. We are delighted that our friend, Richard – the Pie-Man – Crighton, will have some delicious pies available to purchase. We will also have a shop ready with teas, coffees, cakes and more available.

If you would like to get in touch with us beforehand with any queries regarding attending the competition, you can reach us via our contact page or by email at

What is Hurling/Camogie?

Hurling and camogie are the national sports of Ireland (alongside Gaelic Football). Hurling (iománaíocht in Gaeilge) has roots in Celtic times and is thought to go back around 3000 years. Every year, the hurling, camogie and Gaelic football All-Ireland Championships capture the imaginations of people around Ireland and further afield as the counties of Ireland battle throughout the summer for the ultimate reward.

Hurling and camogie (the female equivalent of hurling) are sports that rank among the fastest sports on grass. Those new to the sport have described them as similar to a combination of ice hockey (albeit on grass) and lacrosse. However, one of the best ways to get a feel for the game is by watching this video:

Hurling in Ireland consists of 15 players on each team with the aim to outscore your opponent. A team generally includes one goalkeeper, six defenders, two midfielders and six attackers (forwards) on a pitch between 130m and 145m long and 80m to 90m wide. Due to smaller pitch sizes and usually fewer playing members, European teams typically have 9 players. The goalposts are similar to rugby but with a goalkeeper between the posts. A goal is worth three points, while a point is scored if it goes above the goal’s crossbar but between the posts.

Describing hurling in such basic terms doesn’t do justice to the sport. To understand what it feels like to play, we can recommend this article written by some of our other players: „Our German Players describe Gaelic Sports“. The aim was to say what hurling is like for those playing for the first time as an adult.

Camogie is pretty similar but with some slight rule differences – including different-sized balls (sliotars), shorter matches at the county level (60 minutes rather than 70) and different jerseys (skorts rather than shorts). If you’d like to know more about camogie, our ladies‘ officer Lea describes playing here: Gaelic Sports für Frauen mit den Cologne Celtics. Here is a video of camogie to show some gameplay:

Who are the Cologne Celtics?

The Cologne Celtics are the Domstadt’s only GAA club. We are a team consisting of players from Ireland and Germany but also an impressive international element with players from Greece, Finland, India, the UK, Uruguay and further afield. Our teams and players compete in GAA tournaments across Germany and Europe.

We are always looking for new players and members, regardless of experience level. As well as on-field training, we offer off-the-field events, such as watching live matches at our sponsor pub, Jameson’s Distillery Pub, and encourage members to attend the Live Music Sessions provided by club member Gareth Houston.

If you are intrigued by our games and want to try them out and/or join the Cologne Celtics, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We would love to hear from you and will gladly provide more details regarding how you can get involved with us.

The German Hurling and Camogie Cup 2022 tournament poster above was designed by our club member Finbar Coyle; see more of his work at his website:

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